In condensed matters, such as solids and liquids, numerous atoms (electrons and ions) interact with each other leading unexpected cooperative phenomena. They are not the sum of individual constituent elements but are realized by the entire system. In this project, we investigate important physical phenomena such as superconductivity, magnetism, metal-insulator transition and so on, and focus on clarifying the role of the local structures around the key atoms and the dynamics. Using techniques such as highly pure single crystal growth, high pressure synthesis, and synthesis of nanostructure materials, we develop superconductivity of heavy fermion system, topological insulator, quantum critical phenomenon, and magnetism and superconductivity in light elements. We perform precise measurements of physical properties at very low temperatures as well as state‐of‐the‐art measurements of quantum beams (neutron, muon, and synchrotron X-ray). By doing this, we obtain broad and detailed knowledge on the correlation between local structure and physical properties, and understand the essence of cooperative phenomena.